How to setup TypeScript projects in 2021

8 minute read

Nowadays, TypeScript is pretty everywhere. But there are some issues with what it can offer out of the box. In this article, let us dive into TypeScript conf...

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High performant 2D renderer in a terminal

9 minute read

What if I told you, you can use TypeScript library to control the cursor in a terminal and render in a terminal pretty fast? It’s like ncurses, but for Node....

Mono repository done right!

8 minute read

I’ve been working in mono repository for some time, using different build tools for that. In this article, I’m sharing my thoughts about “ideal” mono reposit...

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From NAND Gate to Pong Game

22 minute read

We all know there is a CPU that is the brain of our computer. But how come this CPU executes our instructions, runs our operating systems and compiles our pr...

Vim as an IDE, not the text editor

3 minute read

We all use IDEs nowadays such as VSCode, Intellij, Eclipse and a lot more. But there are also modal text editors you can use in terminal and you can configur...

The Journey of the Code

9 minute read

Have you ever been interested in how your code, written in high-level language like TypeScript, transforms into a different representation that a computer ca...

Three myths about WebAssembly

4 minute read

WebAssembly is becoming more popular and more people hear about it. But, a lot of these people are not actually understand what WebAssembly is and have a wro...

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Faster logs delivering from fluentd

2 minute read

I’ve faced a problem with slow logs collection and their delivery to our logs aggregator — Graylog. So, I looked into fluentd documentation and digging up it...

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How to implement a second stage boot loader?

7 minute read

Simple boot loaders are limited to 512 bytes of code. When implementing a bootloader that does a lot, it is a problem. So, how bootloader developers overcome...

How Node.js requires native shared objects

3 minute read

I faced an issue with requiring native bindings in Node.js code. So I wondered, how do they work in Node.js? In this post, I’m trying to explain how native a...

JavaScript is not so bad as everyone said

2 minute read

I hear how developers from unique ecosystems, which are writing in Python, C++, Java and other programming languages, say that JavaScript is crap. This bothe...

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ASCII presentations in the terminal are real

3 minute read

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to make slides in terminal? I had and figured out that it is not a simple task. Fortunately, I built the tool to wri...

Strange bug ever in V8

2 minute read

Recently, I’ve found out about one of the strangest bugs in virtual machine V8 that interprets JavaScript. I tried to understand what happened and share my t...

How to contribute in Node.js?

4 minute read

You want to contribute to some open source project and chose Node.js, don’t you? If so, here are some guidelines on how to contribute there, set up developme...

Tracing de-optimizations in Node.js

4 minute read

Knowing how to find the bottleneck in the code is great. But, what if we don’t know what to do with the found code? How to get more information about the cod...

Profiling Node.js applications

4 minute read

Sometimes, your code that is running in Node.js becomes the bottleneck of your throughput. How to find the culprit? What are the tools we can use for looking?

Optimizations tricks in V8

5 minute read

V8 compiles JavaScript with Just-In-Time compiler to get a fast native code. But, it is unclear what are the tricks that V8 uses to optimize objects manipula...

How V8 optimise JavaScript code?

4 minute read

Node.js known to use V8 engine to interpret JavaScript. Somehow, it interprets it a little slower than compiled C++ code. How is this even possible? Does it ...

What should students learn?

7 minute read

The Software Development industry changes so rapidly that even this article could be outdated at the time of reading by you. But, anyway, here I’m collecting...

Advent of Code 2015 — Explanation

23 minute read

I bet you heard about Advent of Code. It is a series of minor challenges you need to solve (for fun). Here, I’m providing solutions to Advent of Code 2015 wi...

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Why Node.js is so fast?

6 minute read

There is a lot of noise coming up lately about Node.js and its speed. But how come the JavaScript engine become one of the fastest engines?

How I optimised Sails for REST API using Yeoman

9 minute read

We often face the problem of duplicating code at our work. I’ve faced the same when working with Sails and REST API. What if we could automate some workflows?

How does Node.js work?

16 minute read

Were you ever wondering how Node.js works inside out? How JavaScript gets access to file systems, network, etc? How C++ code becomes callable from JavaScript...

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