My name is Eugene Obrezkov, you may also know me as “ghaiklor” on the Internet. I’m the Software Engineer mostly working with Node.js and TypeScript at the moment. But, that’s not the only technologies I used.

There were times when I was interested in reverse-engineering and used tools like OllyDbg, IDA Pro and the likes. And I am still interested, but prefer to spend my spare time on other things.

My first “real” projects I started working with as a paid developer were built on Borland Delphi 5. Pretty soon, I got bored with Borland Delphi 5 and switched to PHP and JavaScript. I thought it was a great idea back then. Anyway, it was better than working with Delphi 5.

While working with PHP and JavaScript I started noticing that I’m more interested in server-side development than client-side. I’m more interested in things like OSI, compilers, operating systems and how do they work.

Gradually, it led me to Node.js and implementing my own languages, operating systems as a hobby. Everything I do at work or as a hobby relates to developer tools, infrastructure, compilers, operating systems. I’m sharing with you in this blog some pieces of that experience.

So, welcome and I’m happy to see you here!