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How V8 optimise JavaScript code?

4 minute read

Node.js known to use V8 engine to interpret JavaScript. Somehow, it interprets it a little slower than compiled C++ code. How is this even possible? Does it ...

What should students learn?

7 minute read

The Software Development industry changes so rapidly that even this article could be outdated at the time of reading by you. But, anyway, here I’m collecting...

Advent of Code 2015 — Explanation

23 minute read

I bet you heard about Advent of Code. It is a series of minor challenges you need to solve (for fun). Here, I’m providing solutions to Advent of Code 2015 wi...

Why Node.js is so fast?

6 minute read

There is a lot of noise coming up lately about Node.js and its speed. But how come the JavaScript engine become one of the fastest engines?

How I optimised Sails for REST API using Yeoman

9 minute read

We often face the problem of duplicating code at our work. I’ve faced the same when working with Sails and REST API. What if we could automate some workflows?

How does Node.js work?

16 minute read

Were you ever wondering how Node.js works inside out? How JavaScript gets access to file systems, network, etc? How C++ code becomes callable from JavaScript...