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JavaScript is not so bad as everyone said

2 minute read

I hear how developers from unique ecosystems, which are writing in Python, C++, Java and other programming languages, say that JavaScript is crap. This bothe...

ASCII presentations in the terminal are real

3 minute read

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to make slides in terminal? I had and figured out that it is not a simple task. Fortunately, I built the tool to wri...

Strange bug ever in V8

2 minute read

Recently, I’ve found out about one of the strangest bugs in virtual machine V8 that interprets JavaScript. I tried to understand what happened and share my t...

How to contribute in Node.js?

4 minute read

You want to contribute to some open source project and chose Node.js, don’t you? If so, here are some guidelines on how to contribute there, set up developme...

Tracing de-optimizations in Node.js

4 minute read

Knowing how to find the bottleneck in the code is great. But, what if we don’t know what to do with the found code? How to get more information about the cod...

Profiling Node.js applications

4 minute read

Sometimes, your code that is running in Node.js becomes the bottleneck of your throughput. How to find the culprit? What are the tools we can use for looking?

Optimizations tricks in V8

5 minute read

V8 compiles JavaScript with Just-In-Time compiler to get a fast native code. But, it is unclear what are the tricks that V8 uses to optimize objects manipula...