Most of you will agree with me on the point that it is hard to configure the proper setup for TypeScript projects. There are several reasons for that and some story, so I’m not diving into this here. The fact is – you need to spend a few days to properly setup an infra that catches common bugs in your code. You get nothing useful out of the box and this is the problem.

So that, in this article, I’d like to pay your attention to some problems and how do I solve them. I’ll be talking about developer tools and infrastructure. More precisely, I’ll be talking about TypeScript compiler and ESLint static analysis tool, their problems and how to overcome them.

In case you are interested, you are more than welcome to read more.

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I worked with different repository setups: separate repositories per project, meta repositories with git sub-modules, mono repositories where everything is a single monolith or separate projects just in one git repository.

Every setup has its pros and cons, but eventually, industry comes up with some setup that works so great, both on CI\CD systems and local machines, that it is hard to fight the fact that mono repositories earned its place under the sun.

I want to share with you one of these setups I came up, when experimenting on my pet project, and then, a setup that is used at our work and proved itself in production.

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A lot of times, I heard how developers from different companies, which are writing in Python, C++, Java and other programming languages, say that JavaScript is crap. This bothered me for a while, so, at some point, I wrote this article to share my thoughts with you about JavaScript and it’s bad and, maybe, good parts.

Though, first, I would like to introduce myself a little, so you can decide, if it’s worth it to listen to me or if I’m just another blind JavaScript evangelist that knows none other language (choose your).

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Today, I want to tell you about one interesting project called Kittik. The main idea behind this project is to create and show presentations that support shapes, animations, embedding code, etc. right in your terminal. Can you believe this? Ok, let’s dig.

Why do we need this?

We are all hackers, if you are a geek, if you want to impress your auditory with amazing slides in your speech or just for fun — there are many uses you can imagine.

Personally, I’m using it in some of my speeches, light-talks. And, you know, it looks impressive. Let me show you a simple presentation with three slides. It’s not so beautiful as you can create it, but the main purpose of a demo below is to show you all the shapes\animations, you can use, in few slides.

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Recently, I find out about a strange bug in V8. Everyone is discussing it in Twitter, Facebook, Gitter and other social networks. So, I will try to explain it.

To my knowledge, it happens in the latest stable version of Google Chrome (my version is 51.0.2704.103).

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I was invited to speak about the current state of IT and what students should learn to get into IT and its commercial sector. After the speech, I’ve written an article, hoping someone else can find this useful.

Here, I will explain the basic things you need to know to get a job. I will give you a direction, then you will have to learn on your own.

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Happy New Year! I’ve finished Advent of Code and want to share my solutions with you. Of course, some solutions can be improved; I don’t claim these to be the best solutions possible.

When I started playing this game, I decided to write one paragraph with a solution and explanation to it. But you can see that I went a little further with that…

TL;DR: This isn’t really an article, more like a collection of gists with explanations. All of the solutions are available on my GitHub if you just want the code.

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